Chocomint Ice Cream

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Chocomint Ice Cream

I love the chocolate-mint combo. I will have anything chocmint! From milkshakes to peppermint crisp! Yum! I really enjoyed the recent St Patricks day celebrations! Although we don't celebrate it here, I was so inspired by all the mint goodies! So thanks everyone for sharing them! After spending hours gazing at all those minty treats, I was craving something minty - and quick!

So I whipped up a batch of mint ice cream - without an ice cream maker (yes I would love one, but I would rather have a cupboard full of sprinkles and cake pop goodies - its all about priorities!) Not a hang of a lot goes into this ice cream - but what comes out of the freezer at the end of the day is IMPRESSIVE! Its inspired by a recipe I saw on Kevin&Amanda a while ago. It just takes some heavy whipping cream (just normal whipping cream for us South Africans!), 1 can condensed milk, some chocolate chips and some peppermint essence (and some green food coloring if you like)  Its really simple to whip together (literally - I know Carla is probably laughing her head off now - she appreciates corny jokes)


If using chocolate you can either chop roughly on a cutting board or cut into cubes and cut in TM bowl for 30 Sec / Speed 7 then set aside and rinse TM bowl
Attach Butterfly to blades. 
Pour cream, peppermint essence and food colouring into TM bowl and mix for 30 Sec /Speed 2 while pouring in condensed milk through the hole in the lid.
Mix for 1 Min / speed 3.5
Add Choc-chip pieces and mix for 45 sec / Speed 3.5 or until mixture looks thick and smooth

Pour into airtight container and place in fridge overnight, enjoy


1 litre(s)


600 grams thickened cream
300 grams sweetened condensed milk
1/4 teaspoon Peppermint Essence
4 drops Green Food Colouring

100 grams milk chocolate, or Chocolate chips

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